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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  June 23, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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that is our show for today. "am joy" will be back tomorrow at 10:00. up next, richard has the latest. >> i'll be there watching. i'm richard lui at msnbc headquarters. it's high noon in the east, 9:00 out west. in bill llimbo, what's being do get children back in the arms of their parents. fights, confusion and second guessing. a report painting the picture what led to the president's decision to stop separating families. also, a new poll that might make robert mueller once wrap up the russia investigation sooner than
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later. plus, michael cohen and what is going on with his legal bills. will his decision to cooperate with investigators come down to money? we'll ask former trump campaign advisor. all right. we have some breaking news for you. we'll start with a live picture of capitol hill. new reaction from democrats in mcallen texas attacking president trump and counter parts looking at immigration. let's stop and listen in. >> a new executive order this week. we were told they would need further guidance. they do not have direction on how to go about this family reunification and not separating families. so we will be very vigilant. we're here to bear witness. that's our role and this is heartbreaking. >> i'm congressman jim himes of
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connecticut and i echo what my colleague said. something happened this morning that i will never forget. my colleagues from connecticut, four of us are here approached one of these holding cells and there were mounds of silver my l milar and we asked to speak to somebody and they opened the door and 20 or 30 pounds of silver miler were little girls. you spend time talking to the agents, you understand this is complicated and an awful lot of cbp and others are trying to do the best they can under an insane flip-flop out of the white house. but what is the worst aspect of what we have seen today is that this president calls those little girls that stood up from those mounds of miler calls them
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ms-13 and wants americans to believe the people behind us are a danger to them and this country. every one of us were like those little girls that stood up from the mound in our family histories and we came and participated in this country of immigrants, none of us are criminals. none i suspect of the people that we saw emerge from those little mounds of silver miler are criminals. they were scared little girls who deserve as challenging as the law is to deserve the values and the ethical good treatment we as americans are here to demand and make sure they receiv receive. >> lois frankel from florida. i want to make three quick points. number one, i came here very anxious and concerned like post most americans about these thousands of children separated from their families. my concern is not alleviated and i believe it has to be the focus
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of this country and this government to get these families back together because this is cruel and inhumane. what i saw in these cages is little girls, little boys, fathers holding their daughters and mothers holding their sons that fled horrible conditions in other countries and the third thing, instead of building your wall, let's take a look at trying to alleviate some circumstances and these countries bringing these people here. >> elizabeth from connecticut fifth district. we saw a 15-year-old young woman with her child. we couldn't talk to her because she was too young and you think of how afraid you must be to risk your life and your 6 month old child to make a month-long journey to come to this country and find yourself on a concrete floor covered with miler.
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the chaos is leaving these children and families a i fraud. they spent a month, they didn't get a message from tv they should turn around and go home. these agents are trying to do their job. we need consistency and compassion out of this administration and to work with us to solve this problem. and not to call these people, these children people who are infesting our country. it's insulting. it's wrong and it's dangerous. we need to do better. >> my name is anna and i'm represent of the 18th congressional district in california. northern california. i think my colleagues have given very apt dekripgscriptions of w we've seen today. i can't help but think is this the art of the deal? is this the art of the deal?
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there isn't anything artful. there isn't anything lawful about it. my questions had been along the lines of due process because we have nationalgencies trying to do their best. it really is mirky trying to call where due process ends. i asked the questions and i do not know. i think the president brought great shame to a great. we have to fight this and work to correct it and i think that he thought that no one was really going to pay attention to zero tolerance and what i'm proudest of is that a nation has risen and said we have zero tolerance for what we have just witnessed.
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thank you. >> we're watching a delegation of 20 members of congress speaking at a microphone after visiting and it appears the isabelle i.c.e. detention center there in mcallen, texas, this was planned for today. this delegation there visiting various locations by the border and you can hear the emphasis at the i.c.e. detention center, that's been the debate. where are the children? where will they go? let's go to marianna live in homestead, florida where one of those facilities holding migrant children is located. first, you may have been able to hear what was being said by that delegation of democrats, about two dozen what they saw, mounds of silver mylar blankets that
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keep them warm. what's your reaction based on what you know of that location because you've been reporting on this for quite sometime and where we are today? marianna? >> reporter: richard, i haven't been inside this location in homestead, which is the second largest shelter for migrant children in the entire country, but what we though, reporters in there is that this is not a shelter that has those cages, nor the mylar blankets. this is a facility housing more than 1,000 children, about 700 boys, almost 400 girls ages 13 to 17 years old. we know 70 of those almost 1,000 children were separated from their parents. the initial number was 94 but it is now 70 and we asked officials why the discrepancy. he said those 20 or so children they told the media has since been reunited with their parents but when you think about almost
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1,000 children, 70 or so separated from their parents, it's still heartbreaking nonetheless. we see that inside this facility we're told a day in the life of them is i.d.s to go through each of the buildings with scanners. we're told they get ten-minute phone calls, they do receive some classes, some math, some english classes. you see there is a fence, i don't know if you can make it out behind me. there are no cages or barb wire here but 70 or so children separated from their parents. almost 400 girls, starting at age 13. think about a 13-year-old girl and what they are going through and what they go through to make the journey to come here. all week long i've been reporting on these smugglers that pray on these families and children and teenage girls as they try to make it through the border. they are already pretty traumatized when they come here.
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we have lawmakers that will be coming on the ground here, as well, later on this afternoon led by florida senator bill nelson and congressman darron soto and frederica wilson, that will happen this afternoon. they will go inside the facility and talk to the media about what they saw and there is a rally and protest that will be held here by local organizations. we'll bring you that live here on msnbc, march if you can ref girls, specifically using these mylar very thin blankets on this day, on this friday, but aren't we to be moving towards reunificati reunification? that's been the reporting coming out. what have you seen in terms of promises by officials about the conditions of those children that remain in detention. should they still be in the
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conditions on the ground, covered up with these very thin blankets. it did not sound good. is that what we should expect to be seen based on the promises made? >> reporter: it is not what should be expected conditions for any child, richard. i actually had the opportunity during my reporting in mcallen, texas to talk to children and little girl, one as young as 10 who were temporarily held in a facility like the one the lawmakers described. i spoke to this 10-year-old girl, her name is wendy gonzalez and she was separated from her mother for about five days. she described the mylar blankets and little immigration children call these places the freezer in spanish and describe the cages, describe seeing their parents through the cages, not getting any explanation from officials why they are being separated, when they will be able to see their parents again and i actually had to stop the interview with this little girl
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because she was just sobbing and so traumatized and that's only after a five, six-day separation, it just gives you a window at how traumatizing these longer periods of separation from their parents can be at these ages. richard? >> you heard it so many times this week, great reporting and i'm watching some of the things you mentioned at homestead where you have seen some reunification but the long way to go keeping our eye on the very important topics and issues. thank you so much. there in homestead. this is that tell gages dell ge democrats. let's go to politics reporter and host of faqnyc pod cast and alexia political reporter. ozzy, we're watching the
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democrats. they want to see what is happening for themselves. this isn't the first delegation that visited the border and seen what happened. anything that stood out to you of anything for me it was listening to the conditions still on this day that we thought may not be the case based on the promises and statements by the government, by the white house as well as other agencies. >> two things, number one was the remark from the congressman from connecticut that said directly that these little girls he had just witnessed inside the detention facility, they are the same as many americans in their families' history coming over, young, immigrating and connecting people today to the history of how this country was founded and how many people have arrived in this country. i think was a profound statement. the other thing that stood out to me was another congress member contrasting the president's remarks how people arriving here are quote unquote infest the country.
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what was really problematic is the ideology behind what led to this policy and that is what is infesting this country, this misunderstanding of the role of immigration in american history and i think those two remarks that came out of this press conference really stood out to me. >> alexi, building on what ozzy said, i'm looking at the list of those in the delegation. in this particular delegation, no republicans, alexi? >> i don't know that that's surprising given the way that the president and his administration handled this so far. the president signaling in the tweet yesterday that republicans efforts to find a deal on immigration via legislation is there and they should punt it until the mid teterm elections. one thing i'll note, so many are women and this is an issue we've seen really affecting women and women here in washington on the hill on both sides of the isle in a way that i haven't really seen other issues affecting them
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and that includes republican women, lawmakers here in washington although none of them are there but this is really speaking to the heart of this issue, which is that it is tearing apart families and really affecting women and that's powerful today. >> affecting so many women and girls and that's what we heard there from congressman himes and that's the target group for traffickers, both 2340north of border and south of the border taking advantage of young girls trafficking them into sex slavery and that's an unfortunate reality. all that being said, the president taking a step back and really understanding mining what might be progress grelto help t specific individuals based on a potential vote that's pushed until next week. where does this go from here, ozzy? >> the president backing down and not wanting this to be the issue that defines the 2018 midterm elections is a critical moment. i don't know if he has the power to take this issue off the table by saying let's deal with it
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afterwards. these images, these stories, these tragedies are what is going to be on people's mind and like alexi said, it's igniting and engaging voters, men, women, people on both sides of the isle. these images will be on their minds into the election booth. >> yeah, will it stick, though, alexi is the question? these pictures don't look good, right, when we have those images coming across but november is a long way to go and we see a group of democrats trying to under line this message. will the message stick through november or instead will the negativity that republicans will bring upon this very topic, which is uncontrolled immigration across the border, which will stick? >> i think it's a really tough thing to predict given the crazy 24-hour news cycle the president himself is good at creating. you know, he said in the cabinet meeting this week that the worse these images look, the better
9:18 am
chances republicans have. he thinks it is turning the blue wave into a red wave in which republicans maintain control of the house and ultimately victorious come november. it is clearly an issue, immigration and border security that has fired up the president's supporters since before he became president since he announced canada sdidacy for president and that's interesting looking ahead to november because we're seeing how polls are shifting showing that 75% of americans overall on both sides of the isle think immigration is a good thing for the country, which is the highest that it's ever been. >> previously numbers were in the 70s. eluding to pew there. thank you both so much. again, we're watching live pictures coming out of the border in mcallen, texas as a democratic delegation visiting several centers will continue and if they do come to the microphone, we'll listen to see what they might be seeing because they are getting inside facilities and that's what we're trying to bring to you as we
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the president is leaving these children and families
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afraid. they don't got no message from tv they should turn around and go home. these agents are concerned and confused. public service trying to do their job. we need consistency and compassion out of this administration to work with us and solve this problem and not to call these people, these children people who are infesting our country. it's insulting and wrong and we should do better. >> a group of representatives just finished visiting. you're looking at live pictures. jackie spear, one of the organizers just now bringing and also a congress member from the same state as jackie spear. you know representative, this delegation is down there for the day. they have a full, full schedule. you were listening to what was said. there was also the commentary made and this is the piece of news right because getting eyes inside those detention centers
9:24 am
is so important and what was being said by the representatives there is that they saw a group of girls that were huddled under the mylar blankets on this morning, it fws 11:23. what are you hearing in southern california where there are also shelters that are assisting with children, both boys and girls? >> well, just the same type of outrage. so people in los angeles are very concerned. there is apparently over 100 children in the l.a. area and we're looking to see where they are housed now and what conditions that they are in but my real fear of all of this is that there is absolutely nothing in place to reunite these parents with their children and i believe that many of these parents and children might never be reunited. if the parents are being deported to central america and the children are sent all over
9:25 am
the united states, please tell me how a parent is supposed to find their child? i'm introducing legislation on monday to abosolutely require te federal government to establish a database to make sure parental rights aren't terminated. we can't house the number of children in the foster care system who need to be there because of abuse and now you're going to put children there for political reasons. this is really a tragedy. this moment will be remembered in history. >> and representative, this tale if you will of two cities we heard from as i just was mentioning the rough conditions, bad conditions at least according to what the congressman is saying about the blankets and groups of girls in terms of heaps or mounds and i'm reading from your paper from southern california the l.a. times saying and reporting here of one of the groups and ngos on
9:26 am
the ground saying believe me, these kids are way better off than anyplace in the u.s. and her organization, this is lindsey executive director of immigrant defenders saying on facebook, she has seen good conditions, as well out of southern california. >> let me just tell you very clearly because this is an issue that i spent a majority of my time working on in congress when you remove a child from their parent, even if you should because that parent is abusive, research is clear the trama experienced by that child will be there for years. it is wonderful the conditions are better and not in cages and not sleeping on the floor but make no mistake about this, these kids and you and i know were removed for political reasons. so to inflict trama on a child that that child is going to experience for who knows how long that will be and then to
9:27 am
have no end in sight in terms of when those children will be reunited with their parents is still a tragedy. so we don't -- i mean, it's great they are in good conditions but that's not enough. >> representative, i want to go to this from florida congresswoman frederica wilson asking where are the girls? why do you think the trump administration has when you look at this not provided at this moment information on teenage girls being held? we're getting a glimpse just a mo moment ago in terms of what they are going through in mcallen a group of girls there. >> i think they are not showing it because they know this is egregious but let me ask where are the toddlers? you know many of these people have been told to not pick up the children. what kind of conditions are the toddlers in? do you have ten, 20, babies on the floor? how many adults are watching them? they can't pick them up.
9:28 am
you've heard the audio of the crying. so i would add where are the toddlers to where are the girls? >> as you look to help put together solutions to assist during this crisis, the complexity of the problem which you know so well being part of government is quite large. the number of agencies involved in immigration specifically and i can read what is a group of ten, i won't read all of them to you but usc and department of state and labor and social security administration, department of health and human services and justice and the internal revenue service, i did read them all. when you put them together when we look at immigration, the complexity, what are you hearing in terms of how all of our organizations are resounding, are resilient in this case right now to try to implement now which is reunification? >> this is absolute chaos. this was a policy that was done without much thought, without
9:29 am
much planning and so for example when the kids and the parents are separated, what kind of identification, what kind of paperwork is given to the parents? so you've hit on the problem, you have multiple agencies, you have agencies that have completely different policies, you have agencies not communicating with each other and you have an administration that has given directives that contradict each other and so what you have just described by listening to the agencies is the essence of the chaos illuminating from the president. >> thank you for your time certainly representative karen bass from southern california and it's certainly one of those states parts of california that deals with immigration and migrants in this story line today. thank you and have a very good saturday. >> you, too. he is the white house architect of family reputations. question folks are asking what is next for steven miller.
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you are concerned about a potential indictment. >> a concern town too strong. >> that was roger stone in an interview with the hill this week. his comments come days after he and michael another former trump campaign advisor told "the washington post" that in may of 2016 they took a meeting with the russia national that offered
9:34 am
them dirt on hillary clinton in exchange for $2 million. both men accuse the fbi of setting them up although they never discuss the meeting during the course of russia investigation. joining me is former trump campaign advisor sam nunberg. thanks for being here. >> honor. >> when was the last time you spoke with him? >> i spoke with roger on the phone, i believe -- no, definitely a saturday before my grand jury testimony. i've been on a couple e-mails with him. i really enjoyed his recent book and he sent an e-mail for a comment i made. with that said, i can talk to him because i could be called back to the grand jury. i'm very worried about this very aggressive special counsel and i'm very worried what they would think if we were to continue to talk so. >> now what do you make of him now at least conceding that an indictment is possible here? >> i said that. i said that. i think he was upset with me
9:35 am
that he certainly if not a subject, a target. now with that said, i have a lot of problems with robert mueller's special counsel in terms of charges that they are bringing some process charges, the manafort case, that's not within his mandate technically, should not have been with that but here is the butt, this buts to investigate every single possible contact. >> why do you think at this moment roger is saying that? does he know something? have you heard something from him that indicates he feels like the pressure is being raised a bit at this moment? >> it just makes sense, richard, because think about this. they called in every associate possible. the minute i walk in there for my voluntary who as opposed to others on pumueller's team, i he no problem with. he was taken a lateral, perfectly fine guy, he said tell me about roger's businesses. i said what do you mean? he said since the time you've known him, who has he worked for?
9:36 am
you give people forensics. i would say colonoscopies, almost. once you start looking, there is a lot that started happening. i don't know anything illegal. i've been asked about everything, fire nancnances and everything. >> what do you make of the washington post about his and michael's meeting about russia? you heard the details that i gave. some are saying it's not a big deal, he's not saying it was but if he wasn't, why are you hearing about it now? >> michael -- i've not talked to michael about this since the reports have come out. i want to make sure the grand jury -- they watch. they get follow ups. this is a very hectic campaign. unorganized. michael has russian ties. michael's wife is russian. his kids may have dual citizen ship and he was contacted by this gentleman and took the meeting. with that said, i would also say and i understand because it's my
9:37 am
goal and roger and somebody like me, it could have possibly have been a sting operation because we know that they tried to plant the fbi, peter tried to, you know, they will call them ill fo -- inform paants, i would call them spies. >> they are calling them info informan informants. i want to read this, sources telling the wall street jourch c -- journal cohen is frustrated the president hasn't offered to pay his legal fees which he said are bankrupting him. your thought? >> i would look at this investigation and the midterms as donald trump's first reelect because i believe, my prediction, if nancy pelosi was a one-seat majority, he would be i'm peachech impeached out of the house and michael's legal fees to the extent they are related to
9:38 am
things with the trump organization as any corporate enti entity should be covered. >> is this the case for you? you've been talking to your lawyers. >> the case of my legal fees? >> no. i paid my legal fees. thank god i could pay them. they were expensive and i haven't asked for any help to anyone. >> do you want the president to help you? >> no, i don't expect the president to help me. he made that perfectly clear that i don't get help from him. >> sam nunberg. thanks. we'll go live to the border with an update to the 2,000 children in limbo as they wait to be reunited with their parents. stick around for that.
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9:42 am
have heard the delegation coming to the microphone and siting conditions one would hope based on the reporting you have done in the last several weeks this would not be the case. girls huddling underneath mylar blankets. what are you seeing? >> reporter: the issue, the camp behind me, we can't get inside and we can't get access and have not seen photos and it's not just us. elected officials, as well. the senator blumenthal was here yesterday and went in for a tour and went to see the children and tents and instead he ended up in a control room looking at cctv footage. what is happening here and the story from here is the lack of access. we just recently a few minutes ago had a few hundred medical professionals richard, from around the state, they came here to march on the gate to make the point knowing they wouldn't get in but to make the point to the officials here and the authorities here what those kids
9:43 am
need inside is medical attention and probably need it now. no question, earlier the physical demands of crossing that border, both short term and the long term psychological effects are something that have people here very concerned, richard. >> they know we got to go here but chaos level one to ten because the reporting being the ogdenizations involved, the state agencies and federal agencies involved today are not coordinating well. one to ten what's the chaos level would you say, cal? >> reporter: ten, and speaking just earlier to a couple rival organizations, i hear one thing, they hear something completely different. we're all getting conflicting information. >> it's conflicting. great, thank you so much for doing that. i know it's not always the best question to ask but we didn't have much time. appreciate it. >> that's the story. appreciate it. let's bring in daniel, moody mills on sirus km and nick. let's start with you on this,
9:44 am
danielle. you heard reporting coming out of the border. you heard what cal just told us and the terms of confusion. and the president also adding a little bit to the fire with his own side of the isle as congress, it was trying to move forward, at least the republican led congress trying to move forward on a vote next week and the president saying well, i don't really need it necessarily. what is your reflection? >> my reflection is first of all, the idea that this administration put in place this policy to separate children from their families without actually thinking about the plans to reunify them is problematic. and the idea -- i don't understand. i sometimes think that trump is operating in an alternative universe than the rest of us because i don't know what red wave he is looking for. people, republicans, democrats, independents, mothers, fathers, people are outraged by what they
9:45 am
have seen on television. they are outraged by the tears of young children that are being forced into cages, girls that are under these kind of tinfoil blankets in these freezing facilities. like it is a problem right now and the idea this president thinks he doesn't need an immigration policy and doesn't want republicans to work on an immigration policy because he's going to wait until november, that is him playing games with families and lives. it's not okay. not to mention the fact that this separation and these buildings of detention centers is a billion dollar industry and we need to be following the money here. >> know wnoel, we have the exec order and understand that we have seen what some 500
9:46 am
reunifications and more to go and the delegation just this hour as you know on the boarder there able to get in the center. are republican members of congress doing more? should they put together a more forward, more out ward, more manifest effort to be down there? >> i do and i noticed that. there are only democratic senators coming out and i do think that this is a humanitarian issue so i think that we need to take the politics out and have both sides go down and report. when you have a chaotic situation going on as the reporter before this segment took place and telling us about what was going on, i think that we really need to hear american people need to hear from both
9:47 am
democrats and republicans on the true story on what's going down in the camps. it's not right. republicans don't, you know, do not like children, toddlers, babies separated from their mothers from their parents. no one likes this. we need to get both party representatives to make a full report to the american public as to what is going on because most of us are working and doing our job and i commend the first lady for taking the bull by the horns and trying to see for herself what is going on. we need to look at this, you know, thank god for the catholic charities helping doing some of this work and reuniting families but we really need to come up with a solution to not separate these children from their
9:48 am
parents and come up with a solution how to keep our borders safe and what to do when they do cross over to be fair and look at the process when they get to the border and you get these families, these people. >> danielle, tomorrow is sunday. we were talking about evangelicals and nicky was bringing that up and the religious and faith groups have been against the separations as they gather tomorrow and today, as well and what will be the messages taken home on a busy week on this topic? >> i think the message folks will take home is a message of humanity, of what we are as americans and who we should strive to be. the idea we're a country right now breaking families apart with no plans on how to reunify them with no plans on what to do except to build big fear cities, build bigger camps, in order to
9:49 am
house these people, it is not who we should be and we need to be holding our representatives accountable for these actions and the fact is, noel is right, where are the republican senators? why aren't they there? this should not be a partisan issue. this is an issue about humanity and about how we treat people, right? about what -- these families, these children, they are fleeing violen violence. they are fleeing gang violence. they are freeing cartleeing care and we're telling them we'll make your lives worse, do not come here to use children as a deterrent, to use this pain, the trama that this country sin fle -- is inflecting on these children and families and hearing a 10-year-old girl relay her time, only five days you think in your head five days separated from your family but the trama of that not knowing what she'll see her family again. she's not being dropped off at
9:50 am
summer camp as many have eluded to on the conservative right. this is not where this is going and it's terrible. >> noel, i owe you more next time but what should be the title of the sermon talking about, what's that ten second title that should be said? >> brotherly love, how we come together as a nation. >> my friend, danielle moodie mills. what's it like in the tent cities we've been watching? we'll speak to a texas lawmaker who saw the situation for herself. t that i served. i was a c130 mechanic in the corps, so i'm not happy unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance policies. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. i couldn't imagine going anywhere else. they're like a friend of the family. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life.
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so some growing confusion about how the federal government will reunite the nearly 2,000 migrant children separated from their parents at the border. president trump signing an executive order earlier this week to end that practice but the zero tolerance policy remains in full effect and all of those children are now being held in shelters across the country with no clear guidelines currently in place to get them back to their parents. let's bring in democratic state representative gonzalez representing texas's 75th district and human rights attorney and director of policy at kids in need of defense, jennifer podcull. what's the process quickly in 30 seconds they need to go through during reunification based on what we know? >> there is no process. they have not made a plan, so the agencies are scrambling
9:55 am
right now trying to figure out where they've put the kids so they can let the parents contact their children but there's really no plan in place. >> representative gonzalez, what do you know of a process? you've been to the cities. >> that's a common theme. nobody knows anything that's happening. a week ago, they put the tent city in my district. there was very little notification beforehand and once the tents were up, we have lots of questions. is there air-conditioning, there's over 100 degrees in the border. food, water, doctors? we were never able to get that answer. we actually got in, but not because we were allowed in but because we got in and the theme of all of this is mass confusion because we're not telling people anything about what's going on. >> jennifer, what's the biggest concern right now? you heard what one of the representatives said earlier in this show that he saw a group of girls huddled underneath those
9:56 am
mylar blankets on these days. >> those places are not appropriate for children and the president's executive order is not going to solve this problem. the only thing that's going to stop this if we stop prosecuting misdemeanors, let asylum seekers tell their story to be adjudicated and find out who needs protection here in this country. keeping kids under mylar blankets is not the answer. >> what are the conditions you know of, representative gonzalez, on this morning on a saturday? >> we have over 200 kids in texas in tents, it's extremely hot outside and while they may not be under mylar blankets, it's important to know, we're the only country in the world that incarcerates children for immigration status and i think that regardless of whether they're in a tent or the ritz-carlton, they're separated from their parents, incarcerated by the united states and there is no plan to get them reunited and those are the injustices of what's happening right now.
9:57 am
>> jennifer, one thing you look for for progress in the next couple of days because this is an hour by hour thing add we look as we look for reunification. what's one thing, quickly? >> aj is figuring out how to have special people working on the reunifications. i hope that's a priority across all agencies and i hope that moving forward, families are truly not separated and we're not using detention as a failed attempt at deterrence. >> thank you both for your time today. i appreciate it. jennifer podkul, and gonzalez there in texas. ivanka's role in the white house and the 30 years of baggage that may keep her. revelations of the author of a new book in the next hour.
9:58 am
9:59 am
that's it for me. gigi picks up the coverage. >> thank you so much, richard lui. what's next? the federal game plan for reuniting separated migrant families, outraged protesters hit the streets. plus, the trump separation reversal. now accounts on how the surprise shift triggered confusion and fights within the government. border bound. stormy daniels wants to maximize her resources to help migrant children but what does she have to offer? hello, i'm gigi stone woods in
10:00 am
for alex witt. new reaction from democrats attacking president trump as his administration takes steps to reunite families separated under his policy. the lawmakers are giving us a sense of what exactly is going on inside of one of the detention centers for children after visiting one at the border in mcallen texas today. here's what congressman jim heinz told reporters during a press conference earlier. >> something happened this morning that i will never forget. my colleagues from connecticut and four of us are here, approached one of the holding cells and there were just mounds of silver mylar and we asked to speak. 20 or 30 mounds of silver mylar became little girls. they stood up and they were scared, some had been crying. this is


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